Welcome to Poetic Posing.

We understand that you are here because you are searching for something more, something deeper to incorporate into your imagery. As photographers we have the opportunity to capture significant, life changing moments in the lives of those around us. Our imagery should reflect the importance of this moment. We don’t want to just create a beautiful image, we want to create a beautiful image with FEELING. We want our subjects to look at their imagery and remember the moment as a deep connection with their loved ones, not as artificial posing or an awkward laugh.

Our guide contains 40 prompts you can use during the 5 most common settings you’ll encounter during your newborn sessions, newborn, newborn with mama, newborn with daddy, newborn with sibling and newborn with family. ¬†For each one we’ll walk you through 8 pose ideas and connections you can use to increase your client’s experience during your session.

We want to help you translate the deepest emotions of your subjects into your imagery, but how do we get our subjects to open up on camera? By using this app in your sessions, you will learn to use spoken word to guide your clients into a deeper and more meaningful portrait experience.

We believe that not only will you find greater joy and fulfilment in your work, your clients will have much more connection to you as the photographer and their imagery, building brand loyalty and creating better sales.